Fashion Forward

Fashion is my middle name

Merchandise August 19, 2010

Samples of duct tape products, wallets with velcro closure, eyeglass cases in fun new colors. Custom orders upon request. You can contact me at Some of my product is available for purchase at Summer House Design, 930 Water Street, Port Townsend, WA 98368 (360) 344 4192                                
Wallets are $5 depending on size, and style. Eyeglass cases are $3. I also sell credit card holders/library card holders, or what ever fits in them! For more info, email me and ask.

Exciting new colors!

pick your own color combos


5 Responses to “Merchandise”

  1. erica Says:


    I am very, very impressed! Way to go!


  2. Silverbike Says:

    Neat! You look to have a little more fur then I remember you to have.

  3. Kris B Says:

    So colorful! I love it!

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