Fashion Forward

Fashion is my middle name

About Me July 6, 2010

Fashion Forward

I LOVE making Duct tape stuff! I am very creative, (If I do say so myself), and most of all, I never give up on something I like doing even if it gets hard. I am eleven years old.  My mission is to make people happy with my product, and have fun! Most of my products will be five dollars.

Wallets                $5

Eyeglass Cases        $3

Thanks to anyone who reads, comments, or buys my stuff!!!!!!!!!


8 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Mia Says:

    Hi Alana! I was thinking, one time I fell ina bucket of paint! It was a total disaster! Or so I thought. By the time time it dried, everyone was complimenting me on my ‘awesome’ shirt. I couldn’t tell what was so great about a couple of red and black splashes but everyone seemed to like it. My idea is maybe you could dye some clothes to make them unique and the exact way you want it!

    – Mia

  2. Sherri Royer Says:

    Hi Alana! I am a good friend of your mother. We went to highschool together. I must say you are a very motivated & talented young lady! So do you design all of the products yourself? I’m looking forward to showing my daughters your web page & everything you have made =)


  3. fashfwd,
    Aren’t you 10 now?

  4. Meg Says:

    Well, Miss Alana. After reading your blog and taking a trip to The Summer House in Port Townsend, I can say that you are a very talented, determined young lady. Reminds me of when I was a kid. I’m sure that you will go on to accomplish many great things in life. What do you plan to do? Design clothes or jewelry? I already love your duct tape wallets…(I bought 2) Whatever it is that you decide to do, I’m sure that you will do GREAT!!!

    • fashfwd Says:

      Thanks! Well, I am really in to fashion, and everyone seems to love my outfits, so I think I might want to design clothes some day! The Summer House is great! I’m glad you got to come to Port Townsend! I think I am only going to do my business in the summer, because in school I will be too busy. Also, there is another business in the making, I believe the name is going to be Chica Fresca! I am doing it with my friend. We are selling bath and beauty products and bottle cap jewelry!

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