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Christmas Continued November 18, 2012

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Hey again! So here is another great DIY craft for Christmas.

Manicure Kit

You will need:

Mason jar
Tissue paper or Bubbly Bath Salts
Nail polish
Nail accessories (Nail clippers, buffers etc.)
Nail file
Glue stick
Hole punch
Patterned paper

Let’s Get Started!

1. If you chose to use bubbly bath salts, then the link above is a great place to order. They might give you a discount if you tell them Fashion Forward sent you here… So anyway, pour the salts in the container until it’s about half full, depending on how much stuff you are putting in there.

2. If you decide to use tissue paper, stuff it in the container until it’s half full. This again depends on how much you are putting in.

3. Next, put all the other stuff in there.

4. Now, take your patterned paper, and flip it over to the side you are not using. Take your jar lid and trace around it on the paper. Then cut it out. Glue the circle onto the lid.

5. Next, cut your ribbon so it is long enough to fit around the jar, with a little room to tie. Cut the paper into a tag size, then punch a hole in the pattered paper. If you don’t have a hole punch, just use some scissors. Fold the corner of the tag.

Then, use your scissors to cut a hole big enough for your ribbon to go through.

6. Tie this around the mason jar securely. Then slip the nail file under the ribbon in the back.

7. You can create a bow out of ribbon and tape or glue it on the jar if you’d like, but it is cute either way.

If you are really confused, here is the Youtube video for it: Mason Jars


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