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Christmas Continued Continued November 18, 2012

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So here is the third idea.

Fortune Cookies!!
What you will need:

Patterned paper (K&Company is good)
Glue stick or any type of glue
Scratch paper

Let’s get started!

1. To draw the circles, find a cap or a round bottle to trace around on your pattered paper with a pencil.

2. Fold the circle in half, but don’t crease!

3. Put two fingers on both sides and on in the middle, and push the middle inwards.

4. Glue the two flat sides together.

5. Cut the scratch paper in thin, long strips and write messages on them such as “I love you more than pie”, or “*Imaginary Hug*”. You can put anything on them! Tip: make the strips a little bit longer that the cookie so the ends will stick out, otherwise they won’t be able to pull the fortune out!

6. Put everything in a jar and tie a ribbon around it.

If you are really lost, check out the Youtube video: Fortune Cookies!


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