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Ahhh! Last One!! November 18, 2012

Filed under: Other Crazy Things — fashfwd @ 1:28 am

Sorry for overwhelming you guys with sooo many choices for DIY Christmas gifts! So the last idea is the simplest.

Mustache Mugs!!

You will need:


Computer (optional)

Pen to write on ceramic (any color)

Let’s get started!!

1. If you don’t think you can draw a free-hand mustache, go to for a print out of a mustache.

2. If you can draw free-hand, take your pen and draw a mustache! Easy huh?

3. Print out the mustache, and cut it out carefully until you have an outline of a mustache.

4. Then, tape the paper on where you want the mustache to be, and color in the stencil.

5. Carefully peel it off, and you’re done!

If you are like “huh?” then the link above to the website has a tutorial on how to do it. Your welcome for all the Christmas ideas!!


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