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Flirt July 11, 2011

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Hey everyone! I just came back from a six day trip to Quincy and Pullman! I didn’t find very much fashion in Quincy, but in Pullman, I found this awesome store called Flirt. Even though it was for teens, me and my cousin took an adventure, and went inside. To our surprise, the store was completely awesome! (not that we didn’t think so in the first place) But I mean like totally awesome! All the clothes were super cute, but, most of it didn’t fit us, and the prices were from $30 to $80. But, later that night, we went to a fashion show! It was cool! We went to three different stores around downtown Pullman, and they each had snacks and dessert. The fashion show was held in a restaurant which served us dessert! Oh, and their website will be posted on my blog roll too!


4 Responses to “Flirt”

  1. Awesome, hope the fashion show was fun! Have any pictures?

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