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Leggings? Jeans? Jeggings? August 28, 2010

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Has anyone heard of Jeggings? They are a cross between Leggings and Jeans. They look like Jeans because of the waist design and color. They look like Leggings because they are the same shape and are probably stretchy. Would you wear them? I would. Comment to answer!


7 Responses to “Leggings? Jeans? Jeggings?”

  1. Kris B Says:

    Hi Alana,

    I’m a friend of your mom’s from the Swan School board and she sent me an email announcing your new site. It looks great! I was looking for some pictures of your creations. Are they included somewhere? Maybe you could do a special post highlighting your favorite pieces that you’ve made so far! That would be interesting to see.

    About the jeggings: well, I have just returned home from a trip to Australia, and I have to tell you that I saw jeggings everywhere around the city of Sydney! They seem very popular with women and girls of all ages. Sometimes they are dressed up for work or a night out with a nice jacket and scarf and fancy boots (because it is winter there right now), and sometimes they are just casual with a hoodie and tennies. They are very versatile and super cute!

  2. Tia Chio Says:

    I have heard of these and I think may have worn something similar to them in the late 80’s. Ask your mom because I’m sure she’d remember.

  3. karley Says:

    Hi Alana, we saw these at TJ Maxx. They look good with boots, for sure!

  4. Tia Velma Says:

    Hi Alana. Of course I own a pair of jeggings. They are very fashionable and lots of fun to wear.

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